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Prime Toys UK have been supplying corporate soft toys and gifts to airlines, hotels, car dealerships and many other companies both big and small. They have secured a partnership with one of the largest and most efficient soft toy manufacturers in China in order to provide their clients with the very best soft toys to help promote their corporate brand.

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Promotional marketing

memorable, practical and fun

Prime Toys UK are much more than simply teddy bears and cuddly toys. They provide promotional marketing toys that are memorable, practical and fun.

They are able to take on any idea or design that their clients may have and with the expertise of their design team and the skill of their state of the art factory, Prime Toys UK can manufacture any kind of promotional soft toy, in fact any design can be made into a soft toy.

The only limitation is the clients imagination.

If your company is looking for a new way of promoting your business to the masses, Prime Toys UK should be your first point of contact.

No other promotional soft toy provider is more capable of providing you and your business with the quality and service needed to make your organisation stand out above your competitors.

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